Setup the server (Text-Based)


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    Setup the server (Text-Based)

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    Start your SQL-Server and delete all fiesta related databases that are in the "Database"-folder.
    This is not necessary, but it prevents errors and confusions!

    * Account
    * AccountLog
    * OperatorTool
    * StatisticsData
    * World00_character
    * World00_GameLog

    Do NOT delete "System Databases"!

    Now unpack "Odin.rar", rename it to "Odin" (called "rar" if you unpack it) and restore all the databases.


    Time to set up the ODBC. To obtain a better overview, you can delete all fiesta related System-DNS you created for the 2008 files.
    New ODBC names:

    ODBC name / Standard database Name:
    AccountLog / AccountLog,
    OdinAccount / OdinAccounts,
    OPTool / OperatorTool,
    Statistics / StatisticsData,
    w00_character / w00_character,
    w00_GameLog / w00_GameLog.


    Go to your main folder and rename the "ItemInfo.shn" into "ItemInfG.shn". You can rename it to whatever you want as long as the number of characters remains the same!


    * ItemInf1
    * ItemInf2
    * ItemInf3

    If there are more then 8 characters in the name your server won´t work!


    Open your service-window (Start->Execute->"services.msc") and check out if there are old services from 2008 files. I recommend to delete them, it only irritates you and also prevents errors.
    Use this batch script to delete all fiesta related services, it also contains new services:

    Put this code inside a text file and save it as a .bat file!

    sc delete PG_AccountDB_Server
    sc delete PG_AccountLogDB_Server
    sc delete PG_Login_Server
    sc delete PG_World00_Character_DB_Server
    sc delete PG_World00_GameLog_DB_Server
    sc delete PG_World00_Manager_Server
    sc delete PG_Zone_Server
    sc delete PG_Zone_Server0
    sc delete PG_Zone_Server1
    sc delete PG_Zone_Server2
    sc delete PG_Zone_Server3
    sc delete AccountLogDB_Server
    sc delete Character_DB_Server0
    sc delete GameLog_DB_Server0
    sc delete Login_Server
    sc delete Manager_Server0
    sc delete AESIRGAMES_OdinRestServer
    sc delete Zone_Server00
    sc delete Zone_Server01
    sc delete Zone_Server02
    sc delete Zone_Server03


    Unpack "Odin Server.rar" and copy the "Shine" folder into "Odin\9Data", overwrite everything.


    Copy the renamed "ItemInfo.shn" (called my one "ItemInfG", "G" for GameLog, you´ll see it in the next steps why) from Step #5 and paste it into "Odin\9data\Shine".
    You should now have the normal "ItemInfo.shn" (ca. 3855 KB) and the renamed one "ItemInfG.shn"(or whatever you named it, ca. 2868 KB).


    Copy the "OdinRestServer.exe" into "Odin\REST\", overwrite the existing one.


    Now open the "OdinRestServerSettings.shn" with the SHN-Editor. Use "v3d" or "v1"! Any other version will bug your files!

    Add a new row and paste the following:

    Column "Setting"
    Code: OdinServer.TokenManager.EnforceExpireDate

    Column "Value"
    Code: False


    Now you have to set the correct servername at "DatabaseManager.DataSource.Server" (First column). It consists of the name of your computer and the name of your SQL-Server.

    Synthax: <ComputerName>\<SQL-ServerName>


    Make sure that the value of "DatabaseManager.DataSource.AccountTable" (Third column) is "OdinAccounts". Look for the "s" at the end, it is easy to overlook.


    Make sure that the value of "OdinServer.Socket.IP" (Sixth coulmn) is set to the IP of your server, in general its

    If you plan to run the server on Hamachi, the IP also have to be ""! Else the server won't work on Hamachi, do not replace it with the Hamachi-IP!


    Make sure the value of "OdinServer.Socket.Port"(Seventh column) is "80".
    Do not change it! Rest-Server is only able to run on this port!
    Close all other applications that use the port 80 like Skype!

    Click in another field before you save the file! Else your changes won't be saved!
    One of the most errors is, that user editing the file correctly, but forget to click on another field! Also many forget to save, the editor won´t save your changes automatically when you close it!


    Open your Hex-Editor ( i recommend to use "HxD", its free.) Open the "GameLog Release.exe" out of "Odin\GameLog".

    Now search for "ItemInfo.shn". There are four!
    Change it so it matches to the name of your renamed file ("ItemInfG.shn").

    Do not press backspace or delete! Only select the character you want to change and then press the corresponding letter!

    Else you will change the size of the .exe and it´ll be bugged/destroyed! ("HxD"-Editor will warn you if you want to do it)

    Hint: You can press "F3" to search for the next, so you dont have to open the search-windows all the time ;p

    If you renamed all SAVE the file!


    To prevent problems with the OdinRestServer, you have to edit the host file.

    The Odin REST server ist only able to work if you edited the host-file correctly!


    Go to Start and search for "notepad". Right-click it and Run as Administrator. (Only Win7, i think in XP it should work without administrator-mode).


    Now open your hosts file, its located here:


    (Systemroot means the drive-letter you installed your operating system)


    Copy this into a new line at the end of the file:

    Code: stubedore.t

    Make sure that there is no "#" at the beginning of the line!


    Ok, this step is only for the one who will run the server/game on XP/Server 2003/Server 2008 or Windows 7without administrator rights. This is to prevent an communication error between the MSSQL-Server and the OdinRestServer.


    Login to your MSSQL Database. Open up "Security" -> "Logins"
    Right-click on "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" -> "Properties"


    Now click on "User Mapping", put a hook at "OdinAccounts" and hook all the options at "Database role membership for: OdinAccounts"


    It´s time to install the Client now. Right-click on "OdinInstaller.exe" and "Run as Administrator".
    Wait till it is finished and go on to the next step.


    Unpack "Odin Client.rar" and copy it into the root of your client (which you installed in the previous step). Overwrite everything.


    Activate "Show hidden files" in the folder options menu.


    Go to "Odin\9Data\ServerInfo". There are two files called "test_Manager_ServerInfo.txt" and "test_ServerInfo.txt".
    The following edits have to be done in both files!

    Now you have to check if all the lines where NO semicolon(Wink is at the beginning of the line[/U]!
    All lines that start with an semicolon(Wink are commented out and will be ignored by the server!

    Hint: I recommend to use Notepad++ for this step, it really represents these files clear and sorted, its easier to edit them this way.

    You have to replace all the IP's with the IP from your server now, in general its "".

    Hint: Use the "Search and Replace" function of your editor.

    Now you have to replace the Username and Password with the ones from your MSSQl database too! This is very important, else the services can´t connect to the database!

    In these configuration files the user is set as "fiesta32" (UID=fiesta32) and the password to "***" (PWD=***)

    If you forgot your username try "sa" for it. This is the standard user when you install an MSSQL Server. If you forgot your password you have to google if there are possibilities to restore/reset it. If not, i recommend to reinstalling the MSSQL Server and write down the password somewhere safe.


    Now you have to create an account. Login into your MSSQL database, go to

    Databases -> OdinAccounts -> Tables -> dbo.tAccounts

    and create an account manually OR use the following query:

    INSERT INTO OdinAccounts.dbo.tAccounts (nEMID, sUsername, sUserPass, sUserPassSalt, sEmail, sIP)
    VALUES ('1', 'admin', 'admin', 'admin', '', '')


    Now you have to register all the services. The service exe´s are in the "Odin" folder, one in each folder, except "Client" and "Databases". There are 10 services overall.
    You have to right-click and "Run as Administrator", Else they won't work!


    To connect your client to the server, you need to set an token in the database.

    Go to:
    Databases -> OdinAccounts -> Tables -> dbo.tTokens

    and create an token manually. Make sure to set the "nEMID" to the same as your account!

    OR use the following query:

    INSERT INTO OdinAccounts.dbo.tTokens (nEMID, sToken)
    VALUES ('1', '1234567890abcdefghij')

    Every account must have a unique nEMID and a unique token, Else this will crash your server!


    This is the last step Smile

    To log into the game you need to create an batch/vb/java script, which starts the "Odin.exe" with some attributes.


    Odin.exe -osk_server <IP of your server here> -osk_token <the token you created in the database> -osk_store <URL to your store or a random URL>

    Here´s a example:

    Odin.exe -osk_server -osk_token 1234567890abcdefghij -osk_store Google
    Save it as <RandomName>.bat (Example: Start.bat)

    Start your services. And then run the .bat file Smile

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